Symposium venue:  BMCC Bruges Beursplein 1, 8000 Bruges, Belgium 

The Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre (BMCC) is the perfect venue for special events, conferences and trade fairs. In addition to the impressive 4500m² ground floor — perfect for trade fairs, larger public events and concerts — there is the conference area on the upper floors. The BMCC is easily accessible on foot from the city centre and the railway station. It also has all the necessary amenities for persons with disabilities.

The Symposium scientific sessions will take place in the large conference theatre, while catering will be served on the top floor of the BMCC, including an outdoor terrace with view on the old Bruges town centre.


No dedicated hotels were earmarked for the event. Sufficient accommodations are available in the heart of Bruges at walking distance from the symposium venue

How to get there by air:

Brewery "De Halve Maan"

Concert Building Bruges

Brewery "De Halve Maan"

The Halve Maan Brewery, located in Bruges, Belgium, is a historic brewery known for its traditional Belgian beers, particularly its flagship beer, Brugse Zot. The brewery has a rich history that dates back to 1856 and has remained family-owned throughout the years. 

The Halve Maan Brewery offers guided tours that take visitors through the brewing process and the brewery's facilities, including its underground beer pipeline. This unique pipeline runs for approximately three kilometers, connecting the brewery to its bottling plant outside the city center. 

The Halve Maan Brewery also features a restaurant where visitors can enjoy a meal paired with their favorite beer. Overall, the Halve Maan Brewery offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of Belgian brewing, allowing visitors to experience the brewery's history, traditional techniques, and delicious beers in the heart of Bruges.

Concert Building Bruges

The Concertgebouw (Concert Building) in Bruges is a renowned cultural venue dedicated to music, performing arts, and cultural events. It is located near the historic center of the city and has become an important landmark since its opening in 2002.

The Concertgebouw was designed by the architect Paul Robbrecht and is known for its contemporary architecture, featuring a striking glass facade that allows natural light to illuminate the interior spaces. The building's design aims to provide excellent acoustics and a welcoming atmosphere for both performers and audiences.

Inside the Concertgebouw, you'll find various spaces designed for different types of performances. The Concert Hall is the largest venue, accommodating around 1,289 visitors. It is renowned for its exceptional acoustics, making it suitable for symphony orchestras, chamber music concerts, and other classical music performances.