Tutorials for 33rd ISB

These courses will be organized on Monday on site by the Education Committee and facilitated by the local organisation commitee. Each attendee will receive PowerPoint slides distributed as a hardcopy and / members.

Registration can be combined with regular symposium registration.

More info can be found on the ISB website:

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AM sessions (9 am to 1 pm)

MT101: Shock Physics: Dynamic Behavior of Materials by Dr. John Borg, from Marquette University, USA

VS101: Protection and Survivability by Dr. Rachael Hazael and Dr. Kate Hewins, from Cranfield University, UK

EB101: Exterior Ballistics by Pierre Wey, from ISL, FR 

PM sessions (2 pm to 6 pm)

EM101: Explosion Mechanics by Peter Norton, Mike Harris, from Cranfield University, UK

TB201: Applied Machine Learning for Terminal Ballistics by Dr. Shannon Ryan, from Deakin University, AUS

Further information 

We look forward to your feedback and any questions you may have through sending a email to education@ballistics.org 

Dr. Markus Graswald

Education Committee Chair